Action Trust for The Blind


Registered charity, Action Trust for the Blind asked us to help them. Faced with imminent financial ruin, they needed a radical but practical marketing solution that would raise substantial funds very quickly. There was no  budget and even less time.


We recommended the charity host the UK’s first professional tribute concert to the late, great Ray Charles – a commercial live charity event performed by professional blind musicians at a prestigious venue supported by PR, Press Poster and Digital Advertising.


£22,000 was raised in one night – clearing all the charity’s debts and leaving them with a surplus. We also generated £200,000+ of free advertising in national press as well as considerable PR. Indeed, such was the success of the campaign that extensive PR coverage on TV, radio, press and online followed, helping Action Trust for the Blind’s “London Blitz Audio History” become part of the UK’s National School’s Curriculum.

“JDi’s Ray Charles concert was a masterstroke of genius for a blind welfare charity like us.”