Aprose Solutions


Smart metering in the utilities industry is a big issue. Aprose Solutions identified a gap in the market and  developed a true SAAS solution to fill it. The only problem was when they called their target audience to tell them about it, no one was interested.

Consequently their brief to us was more challenging than just launch our new product. Indeed, this is the UK Energy industry, effectively a closed market, controlled by the Big 6. Everyone knows everyone and no one had heard of Aprose before.


In such circumstances, you cannot simply use advertising to persuade them to switch brands. You need to challenge their thinking and shake the foundations of their decision making. Therefore we used a dynamic disruption marketing campaign featuring real origami sailboats, using branding, digital and press advertising, PR, Social and sales training to support this inspired Direct Marketing campaign.

Why Origami? – because it is symbolic. Like the best SAAS solutions, with Origami, anything less than perfect destroys the end result.


This carefully and highly targeted campaign knocked our audience’s socks off. It questioned their due diligence and disproved their assumption that all smart metering SAAS solutions were the same. The net result was overnight industry awareness and successful market penetration, generating ten new major clients in arguably the UK’s toughest market. The company was subsequently sold based on this success.

“JDi has a great ability to flex and turn around quality work within rapid timeframes. A pleasure to work with!”

Aprose Solutions