Disruption Marketing is all about dynamic differentiation. Our campaigns work because they are the last thing our target audiences are expecting… Probably the best way to explain how to create an effective disruption marketing campaign is to give you an example of one our most effective campaigns. A client had tried and failed to successfully secure new business meetings with a large number of senior procurements officials in their target industry. Emails and telephone calls had all been ignored. We were given the brief to change their mind-set.

When this happens our starting point is to find out not what turns the audience on but rather what turns them off. In this case there was a huge assumption being made – namely that all service providers and their products were effectively the same. This was the source of our client’s problem. So how do you persuade such an audience to review their providers if they perceive all offerings to be homogenous? The answer was simple – we showed them why their assumption was wrong. The implication was huge. If their assumption was wrong, then so was their judgement and therefore they hadn’t carried out their due diligence. If that was the case, heads would roll – notably theirs. Now for the coup de gras, we delivered all this in the context of a looming government-generated deadline using an origami paper sail boat with a suitably impactful message: “Don’t miss the boat!” The message and the medium that carried it turned their thinking on its head. It captured their imagination and the meetings that followed generated no fewer than 10 new clients.

So the key to successful disruption marketing lies not just in identifying the lever that can create disruption but also the ability to deliver that message in a highly imaginative and creative way. Challenge the thinking with evidence. Origami boats were not only a stroke of creative genius in themselves – delivering them by post instead of via email played as much a part in their success. Why? Simple – because we just don’t receive interesting things in our mail anymore.

The cumulative impact of creative message + creative medium + creative delivery = Effective Disruption!

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Duncan Richardson