Theatre Tokens


Theatre Tokens approached us after an unsuccessful relaunch campaign with another agency. Sales were in decline and both retail distribution and theatre participation was now under threat. Indeed, the question had been raised as to whether it was worth continuing.


After a very careful assessment of the market, we identified three significant opportunities that had been missed. First, that Theatre Tokens was much more than just a gift voucher but rather a Universal Theatre Ticket  – something with far greater perceived value in their eyes of its target audience. Second, Theatre Tokens had potential nationwide appeal, provided we could secure national retail distribution and theatre acceptance. Third, Theatre Token was far more than a Christmas only offering and had year-round gift potential.

We developed a fully integrated nationwide consumer campaign including Radio, Press and Poster Advertising, PR, Digital, Direct Marketing Retail POS, trade and consumer Promotions and a new Website.


Sales increased by 500%. Retail distribution increased to over 1,000 retail outlets with acceptance at virtually all major theatres throughout the UK.

‘The enthusiasm and creativity of JDi has proved essential to the success of Theatre Tokens. Increasing sales fivefold in five years proves that their ideas generate results!’